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Why I Love To Workout!

why workoutWhy I Love To Workout:

“Working out is fun” would be an epitome of an oxymoronic sentence that people would like to refrain from using. Honestly, the thought of pumping up iron day in and day out or mastering the Cardio exercises can be a tad too much. There are days when you would feel like giving up and lead a laid-back life. However, when you get past the first few months, your body starts to get accustomed and before you know it, your mundane and painful gym days are over, and you are up and ready to hit the gym. Gym life gets better with time as you start to get acquainted with people, you make a bond with your trainer or workout buddies. The reason to love your workout regime has all the goodness added into it.

Your mental fitness doesn’t wear out
Anything routine and regular can turn mundane, and your love or zeal for that thing dies a slow death. This is where working out is a fun time. Once you are done with your sets and you are exhausted, all you need to do is go home and take a bath and the sudden air of rejuvenation charges you up for the rest of the day. You are mentally active, and you can sort out your routine, so your brain doesn’t laze around anymore.


Always ready for something enthralling
“Hey, you want to tag along on a 2-day trekking scene?” questions are alluring, but at the same time the thought of pushing your body for a 2-day trekking is scary. A fitter and healthier body would allow you to tag along on such adventures without giving a second thought. Even late-night movie cravings, or a walk downtown wouldn’t be an issue anymore.

Keeping momentum
It is necessary to keep momentum to ensure a better lifestyle. Period. There can be days when you are not able to stick to your plans and you start losing a grip over your workstyle. This is where working out helps you arrange yourself in such a way that you can keep up with your daily lifestyle without running out of ways. A steady momentum would generate a more efficient lifestyle.

Confidence: check
This is one of the most common things you will read in any fitness article, and as much as you hate reading this, it is true. It will be unfair to say that people who don’t work out aren’t confident, but those who workout ooze confidence and believe in themselves to get through any stage of their lives. Working out infuses a balanced mixture of polished confidence and undeterred calmness.

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Educate people around you
Those who workout has gone through one irritating and unavoidable question at least once in their life. The question is “Why do you work out? It is better to laze around”.As irritating as it may sound, the question cannot be termed ridiculous as all scientific methods that are being developed are to ease human labour. When you work out you start to see the benefits of it. It is more than staying in shape and looking good. Just imagine, you are being invited to a soccer clash by your high school friends after a long time and suddenly you see your stamina levels remaining the same and others huffing and puffing already. People who are obese, but ignore the situation can be educated about the health hazards associated. Working out doesn’t include steadfast only boiled food rules, and you will be able to let people know about changing their eating habits without tampering with their taste buds as much as possible.

When you see yourself in the mirror
Everyone who joins the gym has an aim; be it losing weight, getting shredded, staying agile, or keeping their current physique. After those lengthy workout sessions and litres of sweat lost, when you stand in front of the mirror you can take pride in yourself and say those magical three words “I have done it”. The joy of seeing yourself achieve a feat that you weren’t even sure of is one of the best feelings in the World.

You don’t seem to age
It is heartening to see the older generation enrolling in gyms or Zumba classes or the others and rocking it. You would see them run a mile or two and then pull off wide grip pushups with ease. The age factor would become negligible for you and in a room full of old men and women you would see yourself devoid of such aging diseases.

Working out acts as a multipurpose activity that does not only restrict you to a good body shape, but enhances your body metabolism as well as you as a person. The energy that you would generate could create a positive surrounding for others and they will be looking up to you as a source of inspiration.


So tell us why do you love to workout ?

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