/Weight loss or weight gain-Is diet the only way ? find it out here!

Weight loss or weight gain-Is diet the only way ? find it out here!

Weight loss or weight gain-Is diet the only way ? find it out here!



Weight loss and dieting are the most discussed topics on the Internet. This is because there is a lot of confusion among people regarding weight loss. Some people would suggest following a particular thing while the others would suggest something which is completely opposite to it. Weight loss isn’t easy and weight loss isn’t difficult as well. This is because if you don’t understand the science and your body, weight loss will be very difficult. But if you understand it, weight loss is pretty easy. Weight loss could be the only topic with a maximum number of conditions applying. Out of all these conditions, only a few will be applicable to you. So knowing this is pretty much important.


One should first understand that weight loss can be done in numerous ways. There are hundreds of researches going on regarding weight loss and every other day, there is something new about weight loss. From diet for weight loss to diet for weight gain, sometimes both would appear similar! Additionally, there is a lot of data regarding diet available on the Internet. While there are genuine and well-researched data, many of the data are is simply released on the Internet for making money. There is also a growing trend of online training for weight loss which actually seems to be impractical. The reason is that physical presence of a guide/trainer who could monitor each move matters a lot. So the very first thing to understand is whether excess weight should be lost through diet, through exercise or through both? Both could be effective and in some cases, none are effective. So let us have a look at it!

Exercising or dieting? Which one is better?


Losing weight is good, you old skinny jeans would start fitting you. Being overweight as well as underweight is bad because it increases the risks of chronic health conditions. This further will disrupt the quality of life as well as longevity. It is a fact that for every five point increase in the body mass index, the mortality for diabetes becomes 116%, from renal disease becomes 60% and from vascular disease becomes 30%. This is not a small problem, it is quite a big problem. This is why fitness enthusiasts and professionals recommend being fit. If you consider the problem of over weight or under weight, it is not only about an individual. There will be numerous such individuals which finally affects the health care of a country. So not only does the individual suffer, but the country suffers. With more number of unfit people, the government will have to put in more efforts, money and time to improve the health care sector. Obviously, it is the duty of the government to ensure that their citizens are safe and healthy. But our own moral duty to this is that we should at least try to be fit and healthy. This will overall reduce the burden on the government.

It is not always that you need to make big commitments of losing or gaining weight. Starting with small goals is more beneficial. So is weight loss or weight gain through diet the only way to avoid such diseases? No, exercises have also proven its worth. One of the best, proven, and consistent record holder is exercise. So what is good? Diet or Exercise? Or is it the combination of both? Or is it that eating less and exercising more is good or vice versa? There are a lot of questions and interesting answers.


An experiment was conducted by a research team from America. The experiment was conducted on a group of 52 men and women. These individuals were all overweight. This group was then divided into 3 sub groups. The goal of this experiment was that all these individuals should lose six to eight percent weight in the span of 12 to 14 weeks. Three approaches were suggested for this experiment. One approach was to lose weight through diet. The other approach was to lose weight through exercise and the third approach was to lose weight by exercising as well as dieting.

These three approaches were designated to the respective groups. The ones who were in the diet group had to reach their goal by replacing the high-calorie food with low-calorie food. So stuff like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains was included in this low-calorie diet. The second group which is the exercise only group had to simply start working out. Their workouts included moderate to intensive daily exercises. These exercises were largely cardiovascular. The third group which is the diet as well as exercise group had to do both. They had to eat low-calorie food as well as exercise. The members of the third group seem to be a little unlucky. All the three groups were monitored. Their exercises and diet were carefully studied, modified and maintained as per the requirement so everyone could pass through the same amount of weight loss.

The experiment was interesting and so were the results. Surprisingly, all these three group members lost the same amount of weight approximately. The average weight loss in all groups came to seven percent. The similarity in this weight loss was also noted in terms of fat mass and waist circumference. Another point to be noted was that all these members experienced 10 percent decrease in the risk of developing any sort of cardiovascular issues. It was earlier believed that the group which was dieting as well as exercising would show better results. But this hypothesis was proved wrong by the results. The researchers concluded that weight loss reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and practicing diet, exercise or both doesn’t matter much. So if your goal is to reduce cardiovascular disease risk only, then you can surely opt for any of the three. The approach won’t matter much.

The result of this experiment is definitely surprising but this doesn’t mean that exercising doesn’t have its benefits. The group which followed exercise only approach lost weight without losing muscles. Definitely, there was a reduction in their fat mass. So the ones who prefer dieting over exercising should note that your body will be fit but for looking good, exercising is a must!

One must also understand the difference between the amount of exercise and calorie restriction. Both should be balanced. Calories and exercise are both needed for the body. Certainly, there are options for you. If you hate exercising and burning calories, then dieting is just meant for you. The benefit of dieting as compared to exercising is that if someone has some physical issue or is handicapped, then dieting is a better option. He/she might not be able to do every exercise. The other benefit is to the old age people those who wish to lose weight, exercising could be difficult for them. The benefit of exercising as compared to dieting is that if someone has a lot of food allergies, then exercising is a better option. Also, diet foods are not cheap, so if you are looking for a pocket-friendly way to lose weight, then exercising is the best way. The other benefit of exercising is that some diet foods are not available everywhere due to geographic restrictions, so this is when exercising plays an important role.

If this study was extended to a longer period of time, there would have been some more interesting results. So according to these results, the best way to lose weight could be any way you feel comfortable. Exercise is a value-added opportunity which requires a bit more effort but it will help in preserving those fat-free muscles. Exercise will also keep you fit as well as give you a wonderful sleep at night. Exercise will also keep you energized for the whole day! So this was all about weight loss to live a healthy life, but now we are going to discuss something important for people who want to gain some weight or gain some muscles.

Some healthy ways to gain weight

Most of us have the problem of losing those extra kilos. Losing something is pretty bad but losing weight feels awesome. While we are busy counting the calories we consumed and feeling guilty that it could have been avoided, there are some people who just don;t care about these calories. We are not discussing people who aren’t health conscious, but we are discussing people who want to gain weight. There would be a lot of people asking about weight loss diet plan, weight loss exercises, etc but there are also people who would be asking about diet for weight gain, diet for muscle gain, etc. But weight gain is not about eating anything that one encounters, it is about eating good and gaining weight in a healthy way. There could be a lot of things which can be consumed but weight gain diet also has its rules and regulations. So let us discuss some of the healthy ways to gain weight.

The culprit which is always found guilty when accused of weight gain is fat. The reputation is so bad that people just hate it. But people don’t know that these fats are also helpful. While the body undergoes metabolism, the breaking down process which further stores energy (calories) as fat is good for the body. These fats are used by the body for daily activities, healing and growing. Even while you workout in the gym, this particular energy is consumed. It is also used for brain development and for avoiding inflammation. These fats are also responsible for keeping your hair and skin healthy.


So first of all, you need to know if you are under weight or not? For this, you will need a BMI calculator. Here, BMI stands for Body Mass Index. Such tools can easily be found online. You just have to input your weight, height, age, and gender. It is also recommended that you confirm this with your doctor because he/she will also take your diet and daily activity into consideration. Once the doctor confirms that you are underweight, you should think about diet for weight gain. This doesn’t mean that you have a green signal to eat as much junk food as you want. There is always a balanced responsible approach towards weight gain. It is just like weight loss. One needs dedication and passion for weight gain as well.

Eating unhealthy food like junk food will always lead to weight gain. But this will never satisfy your bodies nutritional needs. You might think that the junk food is tasty. Yes, your thinking is correct but the fat, sugar and the amount of salt in junk food will surely be harmful to your body. This is not the healthy way to gain weight. So let us now have a look at gaining weight in a healthy way.

Adding Calories

Changing diet suddenly or drastically will always create problems. Calories can be gained by healthy diet options like almonds, sunflower seeds, seasonal fresh fruits, whole grain food, cheese, etc. All these are quite good options and would fill you up with a lot of calories. For example, eating a candy will also give you lot of calories, but it is actually not useful because your stomach would not be filled. So always practice eating diet’s which will fill satisfy your hunger.

Natural Nutrients

Nutrients are very important for nourishment. Going nutrient friendly will always help. This is a good replacement to consuming empty calories and junk food. There are foods which are rich in nutrients and are also high in proteins. Not only will these foods help you in weight gain, but these foods are also considered a great diet for muscle gain. Foods like brown rice, whole grain food, etc are included in this. Even with a reduced appetite, these will ensure that you get everything which your body needs.

Healthy snacks

Now, this definitely is interesting. Consume snacks which are rich in protein and carbohydrates. For example, trail mix, protein bars, protein shakes, crackers with peanut butter, nuts etc. All these include good fats. These foods are also delicious, easily available and can be eaten anytime. These can also be mixed or included in routine meals.

Consuming mini meals

While the challenge in weight loss is to work out and take care of your diet, the challenge in weight gain is about having an appetite. The most common complaint or problem that people do with weight gain is regarding a small appetite. When you aren’t used to eating more amount of food, you will always end up vomiting or will avoid food. So the solution to this problem is mini meals! Eat less but eat at regular intervals of time. Increase the frequency of mini meals and it would certainly help in gaining weight.

Bulk up

Exhaustive exercises in the gym will help in burning calories. This is what usually people do in the gym. They come for burning calories and losing weight but if you are into gaining weight, hit the gym as well! Concentrate on exercises which will help you gain muscles. For example, weight lifting, strength training, etc. These exercises will not just make you look good, but will also keep you fit and strong.

Some real quick tips to gain weight

We all live in our own busy world with a lot of commitments and a busy schedule. We travel a lot and we work a lot. Some among all this, the possibility of missing out a diet for weight gain or diet for muscle building are quite high. So with this fast moving world, here are a few tips which would save a lot of time while some tips can just be made a habit. So there is nothing additional that you need to do. Have a look:

(1) Drinking water habit:

Drinking water is good. It keeps you hydrated and is also good for muscle recovery. But, don’t drink water before meals. This will fill your stomach and you will complain about your appetite.

(2) Eating often:

As mentioned, mini meals are quite needed. But eating often also means you could just pop up some snacks while waiting for the bus or driving or doing some work.

(3) Milk:

If you aren’t a vegan, then drinking milk is a real good option. There are possibilities that many of you don’t like milk but milk is high in proteins and calories. So why not go for it?

(4) Weight gainer shakes:

Weight gainer shakes or protein shakes are a very good option. The reason is that they can be consumed quickly, can be carried anywhere, they are available in various flavors, they are high in protein, carbs, and calories. So weight gainer shakes are definitely a yes.

(5) Add some cream:

The ones who love having coffee should try this. Pretty simple, whenever you order or make your favorite coffee, just add some cream to it. This will give you a lot more calories.



Achieving anything in this world is only possible with passion, dedication and proper implementation. Believe in what you do and have patience. Weight loss or weight gain, our body is not a machine. It will slowly show results. So patience is the key. Be fit, look awesome, diet the way you want and achieve your goal!

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