/Fitness Story: Losing 44 kgs, Mohit took it upon Himself to Achieve this Amazing Transformation
Fitness Story

Fitness Story: Losing 44 kgs, Mohit took it upon Himself to Achieve this Amazing Transformation

Fitness Story`

Name: Mohit Anand
Age: 24
Height: 5 ft 11 in
Weight: 78 kgs
Residence: Mumbai
Fitness Achievement: 44 kgs fat loss.

Turning point: 
When I was unhappy with my capabilities of doing things. Right from jogging 100 m to being in sports teams I loved I couldn’t do anything as time passed. Instead of losing from the gym I started gaining 10kgs a year. I thought to myself this is the time or never.

Fitness Story

Hurdles faced:
I was not able to understand why I gained weight in spite of not eating so much, just some bread butter and tea in breakfast. Aloo paratha in the canteen or maybe a biscuit packet before gym. Yes it was not what I did in the gym it’s whatever I didn’t know outside it. I was yet eating 2000 calories but from sugar and carb sources. I couldn’t then sit on the stool in my college workshop I felt back pain. I couldn’t climb the stairs of the excursion visit in college and this being most regular in exercise. Basically I had 7 days a week of cheat days.

Driving force:
Role models, first role model was my dad as I always saw him going to the gym running around and doing things I couldn’t do being 26 years younger. Akshay Kumar from the celebrity sphere, that man inspires me today as well, when I look at him I wanted to do everything he did and does.

Fitness Story

Workout program:
Workout program that really affected me was the running track right from 2km on my first day to 7kms everyday this started giving results and later on after losing 25kgs hitting the gym. Different types of cardio and strength training

Diet followed:
Diet was simple: Deficit in calories was required and a calorie restrictive diet I couldn’t imagine giving up dal or rice but had to do so. For Breakfast, I had egg white and brown bread veg sandwich. Mid meal green tea or protein shake.Lunch 2 chapati and vegetable serving and curd since majority of my struggle was in hostel life I used to order dabba instead of canteen food. Coffee in the morning and evening with milk and sugar free.Dinner usually had low carb salad or chicken. Also this diet was good as I did not have much knowledge but I then took help of guru maan’s programs online and he’s awesome.

Supplements was protein shake isolates or good blends but I am also onto pre workout, protein, bcaa, glutamine. You don’t need to focus on this as much as diet and program.

Fitness Story

Inspire your tribe:
It’s up to you.. either be serious and learn about this or give up. As John Abraham says for extraordinary results you need to do extraordinary things. He says, “Go run don’t think I can’t run people come up to me and ask what special things I did, it’s nothing it’s only extreme hard work and as an actor it’s more important for me.”

Just hit the gym, be consistent with your diet. People will say eat today, nothing will happen or that it’s cool to eat this or that. But no, stick to the plan. Parties are okay, they are not necessary you can party but stay away from alcohol and cigarettes. Patience is key. Go for it guys if I can you can. I’m onto a higher fitness mission now in my journey to help others.

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